They're up and if you ask me, they're so beautiful I think they're dazzling. As soon as I heard that the panels were being installed (thanks for the tip Kristi), I ran out to marvel at the work our 2nd graders did and I was giddy, really giddy. I could barely focus on anything else! Our school has a new accessory on Boston and Bigelow that will inform and be admired for years to come. Now that they’re in, we are scheduling a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate with all classrooms and adults involved. Ms. Meg and Ms. Leland have been a tremendous help with this project! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now that I’ve got your attention, I have a few spring break recommendations to keep fresh with learning and showcasing. Mr. Jeffrey has given each class a challenge to read 50 books and record it on BiblioNasium. Of course we’re collectively going to read well over 50 books, but recording it on BiblioNasium is up to you! In case you didn’t get Mr. Jeffrey’s blog about this, here it is.

WEEBLYS!! It is my goal to get more student work and photos posted on individual Weebly sites. I will be checking out student sites over the break to check new blog posts. This is a great opportunity to post things you do over the break that can be shared through writing, photographs and videos. You can also add text to work and photos that we have added to your site. Some students have added additional subject learning they’ve done outside of class. I’ve really LOVED getting to know students more through their sites. Check out Corrina’s website for some inspiration.

Also, we had 5-6 students absent at the end of this past week as we’ve been learning about area and fractions in math. We will review some geometry when we return after spring break, but please involve your child with math and fractions in real-world situations. Here are a couple videos we watched in class and Learn Zillion is a fabulous resource connected to the Common Core standards.
Geometry Lessons
Lesson #1
Lesson #2

Have a fabulous spring and I hope this giddy-ness continues!

At the edge of everything
Things we caught: the bus, the sunshine and the incredible show, The Boy at the Edge of Everything.
Good thing we didn't catch (or drink) what Simon, the main character had that made him sick over and over and over again. We came out the champions! (You'll have to have your son/daughter fill you in on the play). 

Big thanks to our chaperones for fitting us into the chaos of your busy and scheduled lives: April, Kristin, Jinky, Ileene, Anne Marie, Erin and Kristi. 
Sidewalk + Gum = Sticky Shoe… A life equation written by Matteo. With wide imaginations and hearts full of song, children make the best poets. We have been submerged in poetry: seeing through poets eyes, learning poetry terms, reading, writing, and listening to poetry from well known poets and most importantly, one another. We end each writing session sharing our own poems and after admiring at least 6 students' work, there'll be over a dozen hands still raised wanting to share in front of the class. There is so much we have learned and that we can share with you. Go ahead, ask your child these following prompts:
  • Tell me the names of your table groups. 
  • What does alliteration, personification, onomatopoeia and similies mean?
  • What's a synonym and can you give some examples?
  • Tell me about the doors of poetry.
  • Let's come up with some "life equations" together.

Our work is not done and you'll be hearing more from our young poets in the near future. For now I leave you with this: 
My dad + cat = Achoo!   (Nicholas)
adult + adult = long, long talk (come on!)   (Mackenzie)
me + (sushi x 10) = lots of empty plates    (Max)
Ms. Leckie + popcorn = empty bowl   (Yours truly)
Inspired by Amy Krouse Rosenthal's book
...Then our temperature line graphs may come in handy! The purpose of a line graph is to show how data changes over time. Incorporating geography, each student chose a city, looked up the temperature and recorded it on his/her own data table. We took the data and created a line graph comparing the temperatures of the two cities. This activity required keeping daily records, planning the x and y axis, labeling, determining the range of data needed (depending on temperature differences) plotting and connecting the data. Our students attended to precision and persevered through the process. In the end, we have 27 graphs to explain and analyze. Now, where would you like to visit? 
As part of our measurement unit, we have been studying bar graphs, pictographs line graphs and line plots. We have had a lot of fun doing graphing scavenger hunts as well as surveying classmates to create graphs using the data. Currently, each student is recording the temperature in Seattle and another city in the world and will be creating line graphs. Those will be completed later this week. This week we will be doing more graphing and starting geometry! 
Time flies when you're having fun and if you don't watch the clock it could cost you true love. Or not. Good thing Cinderella's fairy god mother made a couture slipper that only fit her foot. Cinderella ends up with the prince. The Rough Face Girl and the Invisible Being are together for all of their days. The Rough Face Girl is an adapted Cinderella tale that taught us that inner beauty and recognizing the true beauty around us can fill the soul. We studied both fairy tales and this talk show combines the two. 
Warning: This talk show is loooong. Last week was a week of technical struggles. During the filming of this talk show, two "fully charged" camera lost battery, we lost two characters due to absence, and even with "expert" help, compressing the videos was a challenge. No, we're not writing backwards, the images you see here are flipped so you'll have work a little harder reading any text in this video. Regardless, all talk show videos are live on our website! Nice work characters! 
March 22nd is World Water Day. What are you able to do because you don't have to carry water? Here's what our 2nd graders are grateful for because we have this basic right. We hope you launch the start of spring with a conversation about what we've learned about water and what we're grateful for because of where we live. 
To continue our work around awareness of the water crisis we are gearing up for the Carry 5 Walk for Water event on Sunday, May 4th at the Seattle Center. We have registered a Queen Anne Elementary team to participate in carrying up to a 5 gallon jug of water for 5k. Please consider joining with family and friends and spread the word. Be sure to click on "join a team" and select QAE. 

Little Red Riding hood, AKA the "chatterbox," gets herself in a tight bind when going to her grandma's house. Apparently she's nearly a teenager so her mom trusts her to travel in the woods alone. The food in her basket are like "dirt and worms" to the wolf, he has meatier appetite that doesn't prevent him from picking on a little girl and a sick old grandma. The skilled hunter has saved the day. Here is their story…
It's hard to cook when you have a little one to look after. At least this was the case with the Three Bears. Their porridge was too hot so they went on a walk to let it cool leaving an empty house for Goldilocks to explore! What gave Goldilocks a troubled night's sleep? Find out in this episode of room 105 talk shows. 
This afternoon, our classroom transformed into a T.V. studio that hosted our first talk show, The Three Little Pigs. Everyone likes bacon right? Well, that was one thing we took from today's show. Concluding this show, we reviewed and talked about what went well and what we could improve when filming the next talk shows. So here it is, The Three Little Pigs. Stay tuned to room 105 for more to come!